Чем удивила столица Бурятии — Улан-Удэ

В Улан-Удэ мы приехали уже поздно вечером. С огромным трудом нашли свободный номер в хостеле, прежде объехав четыре отеля. Как оказалось в городе проходило крупное молодежное мероприятие, на которое приехало много столичных гостей.

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All in all, if you want to see more, but have less money — it doesn’t mean you have to stay at home for holidays! Be informed with the hottest news from all over the world! We monitor what is happening every day and every minute. Read and enjoy our articles and news and explore this world with On The Road!

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Your Holiday Choice

The wild conditions of this island nation can be unpredictable and like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but they’re usually followed by gorgeous light and a little magic. It’s a country where one minute can be a total blizzardy whiteout and the next rainbows or sparkling aurora. If you are Still looking for some sunshine, take a week or two from your winter holidays to fly down to Mexico! Snorkel and party on the beaches of Cancun or opt for the more easygoing Puerto Vallarta.у

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